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I almost believed you.

To the person who had to walk me home when I was drunk,

I'm sorry that you had to listen to My ramblings about my problems, Problems that were probably completely insignificant.  I cannot express my thanks, For making me feel like I wasn't alone. Thank you for listening,
For not leaving me alone.  For texting me back  Instead of the running away the next day. I don't remember much of what I said that night. I don't know how much you understood through the snot and tears, But I remember feeling much better By the time you left me at my front door.  But from what I do remember, I know that we talked about the stars, As we sat on a bench, With my knee bleeding through my stockings.  I remember you telling me that it was going to be okay, That everything would be better. 
And in my drunken haze, I almost believed you. 

Dodie: Intertwined

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